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Max Grills

Max is a passionate travel writer who has roamed through diverse cultures, from bustling cities to remote villages. He offers a unique perspective on the world's destinations.

TOO Hôtel, Paris: Art, Elegance, Comfort Fusion

Located in the 16th arrondissement, this boutique hotel offers an exquisite retreat for travelers seeking a blend of style, comfort, and culture.
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Athens' Summer Secrets in Secluded Islands

Whether you yearn for history, relaxation, gastronomy, or adventure, Athens' best-kept summer escape secrets offer something for every traveler. So consider a journey to these hidden paradises, where time slows down and Greece's natural beauty shines.
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Edinburgh: Whiskey Journey Through Scotland's Capital

Edinburgh is a city where past and present meld into a harmonious melody. The sound of bagpipes and the taste of Scotch whiskey guide you through history's footsteps, while the vibrancy of the present fills your senses.
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Expert Tips on Passive Design, Solar Power, and Beyond

Melbourne’s post-war houses are generally under-appreciated, but place one in the right hands and they can be the perfect foundation of a glorious modern family home. This Pascoe Vale South house.
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